About the SGIP

Sino-German Innovation Platform (SGIP)

The SGIP is a dialogue forum. Its aim is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and to identify links and common challenges in bilateral innovation cooperation. Leading scientists, institutions and companies from both countries participate in the innovation platform. The platform is supported by an expert group on both the German side and the Chinese side. The participating experts have many years of experience in bilateral research cooperation.

The innovation conferences, which take place in Germany and China on an alternating basis, form the regular highlight of the bilateral dialogue. Not only do these events provide the opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge, they also enable networking between the various actors from the fields of research, politics and business in both countries.

In addition to these large conferences, the platform organises policy dialogues and workshops for the expert groups. The aim of these events is to continue the dialogue initiated at the conferences in greater depth and to identify new relevant topics for discussion. A national networking event for German China experts also takes place annually. As well as framework conditions for cooperation, focus topics such as digitalisation and key technologies are also considered in a German-Chinese innovation context here.

The German expert group regularly publishes policy briefs. These highlight current developments in the Chinese innovation system and possible implications for Germany. The German policy briefs from recent years are available on the website under "Publications". A joint publication by the German-Chinese expert group on the respective national innovation systems and potential areas for cooperation published in 2015 is also available there.

Development of the SGIP

The SGIP has evolved over the years to become a central hub for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and for information regarding a comprehensive innovation cooperation between Germany and China. Initially established as a dialogue forum for the exchange of experience and the identification of common factors in innovation research and innovation policy, the SGIP is now also involved in specific areas of application such as urbanisation and digitalisation.

The SGIP is based on the "Joint Declaration on the Establishment of a German-Chinese Innovation Platform" ("Gemeinsame Erklärung zum Aufbau einer Deutsch-Chinesischen Plattform Innovation"). This declaration was signed at the first German-Chinese government consultations in 2011 in Berlin by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). Both the BMBF and MoST appointed expert groups in 2012 to support the innovation dialogue from a specialist perspective. The German expert group was expanded in 2017 when the scope was broadened to include specific fields of technology. The organisation offices responsible for implementing the DCPI are the DLR Project Management Agency on the German side and the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED) on the Chinese side.

Five innovation conferences have been held since 2011. The first conference in 2011 in Beijing focused on innovation research and policy and on international and national framework conditions for innovation. Issues relating to investment in research and development and the international exchange of knowledge formed the focus of the second innovation conference in 2012 in Berlin. At the third conference in 2014 in Beijing, international R&D cooperations, foreign and direct investment and innovation research methods took centre stage. As well as continuing the traditional innovation dialogue, the fourth conference in 2016 in Berlin also offered specialist sessions on innovation in specific areas of technological cooperation. These sessions covered topics including urbanisation, water, digitalisation, LED, electromobility and biotechnology. At the fifth innovation conference in 2018 in Beijing, the focus was on cooperations in sustainability research and cutting-edge technology, as well as innovation policy and research. Potential issues for the future, such as environmental challenges, were also discussed. The next Sino-German innovation conference will take place in Germany in 2020.

In addition to bilateral planning workshops, a new bilateral format was introduced in 2017 in the form of the Policy Dialog. The aim of the Policy Dialog events is to facilitate an in-depth exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two expert groups between the conferences. A Policy Dialog took place for the first time in Hangzhou in June 2017, followed by another in 2018 as part of the fifth innovation conference in Beijing. The next Policy Dialog will take place in Germany in 2019.