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China – partner or competitor?

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Which chances does innovation cooperation with China offer?

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Will China take over as the technology leader?

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German-Chinese innovations for global challenges?

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We want to find the answers to these and other questions as part of the Sino-German Innovation Platform


The Sino-German Innovation Platform (SGIP) is a forum established in 2011. Its aim is to facilitate dialogue on current developments in both innovation systems and a discussion of future approaches in innovation policy. As a meta-platform, it provides a forum for dialogue on the framework conditions of bilateral innovation cooperation and the exploration of topics for the future. Experiences are shared and common challenges are discussed. On the German side, the platform also has the task of bringing together China-related innovation expertise and commenting on current developments that are relevant to German parties.

Leading scientists, institutions and companies from both countries participate in the innovation platform. A German-Chinese expert group advises on the format of the innovation platform from a specialist perspective and is at the centre of ongoing dialogue.

The SGIP is making an important contribution to the cross-agency Sino-German innovation partnership.